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Healings and Deep Practices in China in November 2024
Xian Center Teacher Training in China in July 2024

 Xi’An Center is located in Xi’an City, China. This center is a Zhineng Science Research Center, where a large group of practitioners carry out scientific research, through strong practice and dedication. Also, it offers different classes for healing and rehabilitation for new, beginners and advance practitioners, that are carried out all year, receiving people from all provinces of China and many countries around the world, and having very successful results for many years.

The Center is based in Zhineng Science theory and practice, through the study of Three-Layers of Matter Theory, and the opening of the Second System of Life. From the theory to the hard practice, from the Qi Field to the individuals, from improving the symptoms to dissolving the issues, adjusting physically and mentally, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the overall health of the participants.