Chinese Qigong Healing Covid-19 Cases (2)

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My name is Lourdes Padin, female, 43 years, from Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, Chinese qigong, chen qi, la qi training teacher.

I am one of the organizers of the one-year teacher training online course of the International Department of the Xi’an Center in Argentina, and I am also involved in the translation of Spanish.

Initial Symptoms and Diagnosis

The first discomfort symptoms start at Sunday Dec 26 at night during a healing session translation.

Dec 26, 2021 Sunday. During the day I felt rare, but Good, at night I felt a discomfort in my throat. A Little Dizzy, a Little fever at night. Start fasting at 3 pm this day, because I felt something was not Good.

Dec 27 Monday. 1st Test Covid-19 was negative. The Doctor suggest me, start the isolation.

( On Dec 30 repeat test for the symptoms, he was complete sure that I had Covid-19. I had some red spots typical of covid-19 in my skin also. The diagnosis certificate is attached. )

I felt really tired all day, I felt a lot of pain body, high fever, 40 degrees, At night I could not breath very well, headache, very bad, so first start to contact with teachers.

Learning and Recovery Journey

Dec 28 Tuesday. 

00.24 Teacher Wei called me and made a healing session of 12 min and I could breath normally after that.

07.30 I was half lying in bed while the teachers of Xi’an center and 3 organizers started to give me a online healing, totally one hour.

Then I had a strong chi reaction, I had to go to vomit many times, that made me release a lot of mucus from my lungs, after that I slept for 3 hours. Then no more fever, no more headaches, no medication to fever for me, as I am allergic.

Start eating, and drink water. I needn’t go to hospital.

I felt with a lot of chi, start to do a little chen qi, la qi … la qi with my mind for many hours, at night also. Start having lucid dreams. When I woke up I keep doing la qi and building the qi field over and over. Mixing with lucid dream.  

That day was the worst day but I received 2 times healing, then all stop. I feel much better.

Dec 29 Wednesday. I could Breath well, no fever, still tired, body pain less. I practiced 8 hours training: lift qi up pour qi down, la qi, chen qi, wall squat.

Dec 30 Thursday. Test covid-19, it’s POSITIVE. Still tired, no body pain, starting to do house work, keep training, la qi, lift qi up pour qi down, chen qi, wall squat, very quiet during the day. Sleep more also. 

Dec 31 Friday. I felt normally, keep practicing, feeling very positive, feeling of connection with everything, humility, an unconditional love, something activated in my chest. And so on …at the end of the day a Little tired.

Jan. 1 2022 Saturday. Complete Normal. 

Jan. 2 Sunday. Keep normal recovering, sleeping …

This week I Received and Accept bad information from my parents and friends that took care of myself, I could have posterior covid-19 complication … and this could be seriously.

Jan. 9 Sunday. Because I took the worries into the chi field, though I kept practicing, but my body start having problems again. I Start to have seriously problem to breath, cannot eat, I felt in my chest pain, and a pain in my heart.

 Jan.10 Monday. Because have difficulties to breath, I had to go to a Doctor, the doctor told me that I had a mild posterior covid-19 complication that was pneumopathy ( It means that the covid-19 is no longer available ), cannot eat also, and a pain in my chest. ( The diagnosis certificate is attached )

I contacted Xi’an center once again, and they suggested me that I could recover faster than first time, I started to review what could affect my health situation and I realized that was the bad information I took into the chi field.

 I contacted teacher Zhen through Renata, that night I received a private healing session with him, after his work, all was gone.

Learning and Rehabilitation Effects

Jan. 11 Tuesday. I went to Doctor for the daily check to have the certificate for my job,

I did one Covid-19 Test, it was negative. I tested my Oxygen saturation, it was 98%. I did an x-ray of my lungs, it was beautiful, clean and clear……All was gone. The doctor can’t believe it.

 ( The diagnosis certificate is attached )


Screenshots are from the Xi’an Center International Teacher training Class organizers group or personal communication provided by Xi’an center. The time is shown in Beijing time, which is 14 hours faster than Mexico time.

December 30, 2021 Confirmation of Diagnosis

December 27, 2021, I First Asked the Teachers in the Group for Help in the Evening

December 28, 2021, Xi’an Center Organized an Online Healing Session for Me in the Morning

When the teachers in Xi’an Center saw the information in the group, they also gave timely encouragement, guidance and good information.

December 28, 2021 I reported the good news to the group in the afternoon

December 29, 2021 I Reported More Information to Xi’an Center

January 10, 2022 Certificate of my pulmonary examination (in Spanish)

Certificate of 2022/01/10

I record that Mrs. Padin Lourdes has mild post covid pneumopathy.


January 11, 2022 My Covid-19 Test Became Negative(in Spanish)

January 11, 2022 My lungs X-Ray Scan: It was Beautiful,Clean and Clear

January 11, 2022 The Doctor Issued Me a Health Certificate (In Spanish)

Padin Lourdes

Dni: 26986513

Patient post covid, start day 2021/12/28, with a final state very positive.

She present test covid negative with date 2022/01/11.

Date: 2022/01/11

Dr. Jorge S.Ruiz.

January 11, 2022 I Reported to Xi’an Center That I had Fully Recovered

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