One month free session program

Experience the magic Qi, improve your body health, and enrich your life with Qi and energy! There is an original element of matter in the universe. Through it, all things and beings are evolved and formed. It is distributed throughout the universe everywhere. We call it hunyuan Qi or Qi in Chinese culture. It is extremely pure and even, it is formless and invisible. It is the third layer of matter in the universe.

Practice with specific movements and conscious activity, we can feel and observe it, we can get more Qi and energy into our body to nourish each organ and tissue and cell, improve our body health and quality of life.

The time and date:

February 20 to March 18 Every week

Monday Wednesday Friday

9:30-10:30am Beijing time

For Mexico and South America etc…

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

14:15-15:15pm Beijing time

For Europe and Asia etc…

The content:

Little bit hunyuan qi theory

LaQi, Sending Qi

Wall squats

Some special qigong movements

Qigong healing

Qigong interesting experiments

Teachers team

Xian zhineng science research center

Register and Translation

For the one month program of free session, it is free, you need to register with your local organizer who will help you for the translation, after register you will receive the zoom link for presentation.

if you just join the English with the main zoom, please register with Xian center, write down your right email address to receive the zoom link.

Please click this link to register:


The zoom classroom will be only in English. other organizers translating in their own zoom.

if you want to translation service, please find your local teacher for the service.

You also can send a mail to to get a translation list.

Please consult the time converter for your local time:

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