Series Courses on the Three-Layer of Matter Theory

Hello, all good friends, Qigong has developed into a new stage. Professor Pang told us how to practice during this period: directly practice the third level matter, observe the entire state of the Qi field and your own state during the practice; observe the entire state of the experimental objective and your own state during the Qigong experiment; observe the entire state of the sick place and your own state during the Qigong healing…this is an advanced way to practice Qigong…improve your Qigong level…

Xian Center will hold a series of courses to improve our Qigong level and body health.

Series 1 

Advanced course on consciousness and qi

  1. 知 Zhi  (knowing Qi)
  2. 觉 Jue  (observing Qi)
  3. 得 De   (Getting Qi)
  4. 用 Yong  (Using Qi)

Focus on practice essential places of the body,heal all kind of disease fast, improve the whole life quality. Have a way to go back to your true self.

Places: lower Dantian


      Hunyuan palace



Zhi:  knowing Qi, know the external Qi and internal Qi clearly and obviously

Jue:  Observing Qi, observe the Qi state from the Universe and your body inside

De:  Gertting Qi ,receive and get Qi wherever whenever

Yong: Using Qi ,Use the Qi to heal all kind of disease,use the Qi in your life and other’s life…


Yiyuanti Theory

Professor Pang’s latest article


Laqi & ChenQi 

Observing Qi field

5 internal organs sounds


Xi’an Center’s teachers team

Date and time

All sessions are online through zoom

14:00 – 16:00pm Paris time

21:00 – 23:00pm Beijing time

From 15-22 November  
8 days, every day, 2h each session    

  Retreat fees

First retreat with the centerSecond retreat or moreRecordings only
190usd 175usd170usd
 180euro 165euro160euro

For english participants, you can send payment through paypal to: 

Teacher Gao:

Teacher Yuan:

Once the payment is made, send an email to the teacher.

If the Paypal account is not suitable for you, you can write an email to teacher Gao or teacher Yuan to receive their bank details.


The zoom room will be a multiple itranslation room

It will be one big zoom room with all the translations included in. 

If you need a translation, register directly with your local organizer.

You can send an email at to have the list of the translations available

Please consult the time converter for your local time


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Free Session

November 8

2:00 – 3:30 pm Paris time
9:00 -10:30 pm Beijing time

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Clicck here or send a mail to Nicolas

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