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November 3, 2022 at 9:52 am #3587

The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity by Professor Pang Is the Guidance for Human Beings to Cultivate Qigong and Enhance Physical and Mental Health

Dedication to the English Version of The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity (selection)

Mr. Hao Huaimu

The reason why I am so dedicated to recommending Zhineng created by Mr. Pang Ming to the world for people to learn is that I have been in close contact with Teacher Pang Ming for 20 years and has firsthand experience in Zhineng practice. I keenly feel that Teacher Pang Ming is the best human being in this world, that Zhineng he created is the highest level qigong method in the history of qigong development in China. Sometimes when I search into my heart of hearts and try to find an appropriate word to describe Teacher Pang Ming, I feel that using such words as “good”, “very good” and ”the best” can only express to some extent, the character of Mr. Pang Ming as a true teacher and his contribution to human beings. As far as human science is concerned or called life science of human beings or called qigong science as a particular subject, merely in this realm, as far as practical problems solved in the two aspects of theory and practice are concerned, and according to contributions he made to this world, I have not seen talents surpassed Mr. Pang Ming

Hao Huaimu
Former Minister of Qigong Department in Martial Arts Administrative Center of State Sport General Administration of China

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