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    Overview of Zhineng Science: Textbook Series of Zhineng BookⅠ

    by Prof Pang Ming (Author), Zhang Yuhong (Translator), Liu Zhijun (Translator)

    Publication date: October 9, 2019

    As traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the gem of ancient science in China and reflects deep Chinese philosophical wisdom, Qigong that acts as the foundation and quintessence of clinical TCM can be used as another key to open the treasure bank of Chinese civilization. “In Qigong, TCM and paranormal abilities are hidden the fundamental truth of human life science. Instead of being mythical and mysterious, the three of them are closely associated with the forefront development of modern science and technology.” (Qian Xuesen, a famous Chinese scientist)

    This book written by Prof. Pang Ming in the 1990s talks about the basic concept of Qi, the definition of Qigong, the different Qigong schools and their common features, and the significance of Qigong development. It explicates emphatically the connotations and the denotations of such concepts as Qigong, Qigong science and Zhineng science. It expounds the special features of the method, the methodology and the methodological foundation of Qigong science as well as its relationship with modern sciences. It also explores the role and the significance of Qigong science in the entire background of human culture. Additionally, it introduces Zhineng and Zhineng science and the essentials of effective Zhineng practice. Finally, it discusses the relationship between Qigong, traditional Chinese medicine and paranormal abilities.

    This book, as a programmatic document on Qigong and Qigong science for everyone working in the field of Zhineng and other types of Qigong (and also for people interested in Chinese culture and human life science), is worth consciously studying and mentally processing. What is talked about in this book is the common ground (laws and content) shared by different Qigong schools. It is the quintessence of qigong knowledge and the life-blood running through various schools of Qigong methods. With the deep insight acquired from this book (and from Essence of Zhineng Science), readers will understand that the diverse Qigong schools originate virtually from the same source. Under its guidance, practitioners will advantageously make continuous progress in their Qigong practice.

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    Selections From the Author’s Preface

    To meet Zhineng practitioners’ needs in their different levels of qigong practice, I wrote this Zhineng Oigong textbook series after the publication of Zhineng Motional Oigong Methods for Elementary Learners and Concise Zhineng Oigongology (intermediate level textbook). There are altogether nine volumes in this textbook series which include the fundamentals, techniques and applications of Zhineng Oigong Science: Overview of Zhineng Oigong Science, The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity —Foundation of Zhineng Oigong Science, Essence of Zhineng Oigong Science, Practice Methods of Zhineng Oigong Science, Technology of Zhineng Oigong Science—Super Intelligence, A Comprehensive Statement of Traditional Oigong Knowledge, Oigong and Human Culture, A Brief History of Qigong Development in China and Modern Scientific Research in Qigong.

    Pang Ming

    May 1992

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    Chapter I A Brief Introduction to Qigong

    Section I Essential Meanings of Qigong

    I. The Cognition of Qi
    II. Origin of the Word “Qigong”
    Ⅲ.The Definition of Qigong
    Definition of Qigong
    Qigong, as the practice established upon the foundation of the theory and concept of holistic life, reforms, improves and perfects human body’s life functions so as to turn natural instincts into conscious (self-awakened) intelligence through the practice of actively applying consciousness inward (with adjusting mind, body and breathing as its further application).

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