Selections From the Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity

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    The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity: Foundation of Zhineng Science: Textbook Series of Zhineng Book Ⅱ

    by Dr Pang Ming (Author), Zhang Yuhong (Translator)

    Publication date: February 5, 2015

    China has long been a country rich in the mystery of life cultivation and wisdom of great philosophy. Zhineng is a great inheritance and development of the essence of traditional Chinese culture, meanwhile it is well targeted at the great demands of our time for Good Health, Good Environment, and Harmonious Relationships between humans and nature among people all over the world. This target is realized by deep recognition of the nature of the world, of human life and of human relationship. The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity (written by Dr. Pang Ming and translated by Zhang Yuhong), which is about the Theory of Three Level Substances or the Hypothesis of Three Levels of Substances, is a profound work giving revelations not only to qigong practitioners who are actively improving their physical and mental health level, to researchers, scientists who are keen in knowing more about the truth of the universe and human life, but also to all people who are interested in the essence of Chinese culture. Zhang Yuhong, the translator, is conscientiously presenting this great wisdom inherited from Chinese ancestors and developed with new creativity by Grand Master Pang Ming to the world.

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    The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity by Professor Pang Is the Guidance for Human Beings to Cultivate Qigong and Enhance Physical and Mental Health

    Dedication to the English Version of The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity (selection)

    Mr. Hao Huaimu

    The reason why I am so dedicated to recommending Zhineng created by Mr. Pang Ming to the world for people to learn is that I have been in close contact with Teacher Pang Ming for 20 years and has firsthand experience in Zhineng practice. I keenly feel that Teacher Pang Ming is the best human being in this world, that Zhineng he created is the highest level qigong method in the history of qigong development in China. Sometimes when I search into my heart of hearts and try to find an appropriate word to describe Teacher Pang Ming, I feel that using such words as “good”, “very good” and ”the best” can only express to some extent, the character of Mr. Pang Ming as a true teacher and his contribution to human beings. As far as human science is concerned or called life science of human beings or called qigong science as a particular subject, merely in this realm, as far as practical problems solved in the two aspects of theory and practice are concerned, and according to contributions he made to this world, I have not seen talents surpassed Mr. Pang Ming

    Hao Huaimu
    Former Minister of Qigong Department in Martial Arts Administrative Center of State Sport General Administration of China

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    The Translator’s Preface (Selection)

    Teacher Zhang Yuhong

    The idea to translate Professor Pang Ming’s books into English first occurred to me in 1994, when I was practicing Zhineng in Huaxia Zhineng Recuperation and Training Center in Qinhuangdao, a seaside city in China. I then went on with my master’s degree studies in linguistics and applied linguistics in Tsinghua University and began earnestly wishing that I could translate the books written by Prof Pang In 2000, I was fortunate to become a student learning and practicing Zhineng in the Qigong Teacher Training Class, a two-year academic training program in Huaxia Zhineng Training Center affiliated to Hebei Sports College at that time. The dream of translation, however, had to be temporarily put aside because of busy work after my graduation. Since I have more time now, the translation of one of Prof. Pang’s works, The Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity _Foundation of Zhineng Science (originally published in Chinese by International Cultural Publishing House in China),is eventually accomplished.

    During the translation of this book, I studied from Prof. Pang Ming and consulted him on whatever questions I had while reading his book. This deepens my understanding of the Theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity: This theory is a statement of the existential form of a special substance that has not been recognized by modern science yet and is called by Prof Pang Ming the Hypothesis of Three Levels of Substances. This hypothesis and the term of three level substances have been mentioned several times in this book, and what is expounded in this book is unexceptionally the statement of this hypothesis from different stratums and aspects.

    Zhang Yuhong
    Mid-Autumn, 2011

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