Qigong (external Qi) effects on human tumors


Institute of qigong science, jiangxi university of traditional Chinese medicine – scientific research base Xi ‘an lintong zhineng science research center.

Pan Shu Bao, Wang Yang Xia Shi, Fu Wei, Li Yi Min, Lin Yan Xia, Tian Yuan Cheng, Guo Xiao Tao.

In this experiment 122 tumors or stones carried by 67 volunteers were studied. After the intervention of Qigong, 36( 29.51% ) disappeared and 22(18.03 % ) were observed, it showed that qi gong had dissolving effect on solid substance, which fully explained that the theory of qi gong was scientific.

Key Words: Qi qi, volunteers, human body mass, calculus, Hua, disappearance, obvious change, science.

I. The purpose and meaning of the experiment

This experiment contends to use the external Qi to disappear human tumor, in order to proof Qigong theory of using external Qi doing healing and to proof the dissolving effects of external Qi on matters. It should proof the Qigong healing theory as science.

II. Research in China

There are researches in China about how the external Qi
effects to the animal tumors. [1] [2] The results show that the
external Qi can limit the growth and movement of the test
animal tumors.

III. Plan for a experiment

  • 4 practitioners who used to send external Qi, 2 males and 2 females. The average age is 46 years old.
  • Target group are persons with tumors, cysts and stones. They should be volunteers and willing to cooperate.
  • For the experiment use ultrasound machine “HD-318A B”.
  • Process of the Experiment
    1. Get 5-8 people as target group. Check and confirm the existing tumors and stones. During April 2015 to October2017, 12 groups and 67 volunteers joined this experiment, 15 males and 52 females, the average age was 45 years old.
    2. Guide the subject persons to receive the external Qi.
    3. The subject persons received several treatments with external Qi within 5-7 days. Some treatments of the subject persons were observed with the ultrasound machine in real time.
    4. Check the results of the tumors and stones of the subject persons.
  • Collect data

IV. Typical cases

V. Data analysis

The total number of different kinds of tumors and stones
are 122 by the 67 volunteers. 36 cases are totally disappeared
29,51% (14 cysts, 8 nodes, 5 gallbladder polyps, 4 stones, 2
lymphatic proliferation, 1 liver tumors, 1 uterus tumor, 1 fiber
tumor). 22 (18,03%)cases are clearly reduced. 64 (52,46%)
cases show no changes. See more details on pictures 1, 2 and 3.

VI. Discussion

  • Significance. From the statistical table of the dissolved tumors (Annex I) and Chart I (see Annex II “Dissolving Experiment PPT”), it can be seen that the “External Qi” of Qigong has the effect of dissolving the solid substances, which can make the tumors in human body disappear in a short time, or even in an instant (1 case that gallbladder polyp disappears under the real-time dynamic observation of ultra-sound radiography in situ). This fully proves that the “External Qi” of Qigong is scientific in curing diseases.
  • Regular pattern exploration.
    1. Chart 2 shows that cysts, nodules and polyps seem to dissolve more easily under the effect of the “External Qi” of Qigong, and its internal mechanism needs to be explored.
    2. Chart 3 shows that the dispersing effect of the “External Qi” of Qigong on human tumors is completed in an instant, so it is very difficult to catch its dynamic change process.
  • Deficiency and prospect. Due to the limited conditions, we failed to make in-situ real-time dynamic observation for each subject; the data comparison before and after the experiment was mainly based on the inspection results of different medical institutions. So we hope to get more support, and hope that more research and innovation enthusiasts can participate in this significant research activity. In any case, the results of this experiment have opened up a huge imagination space for the treatment of human body tumors (including malignant tumors).



  • [1] Qian Shusen et al. Preliminary experimental study on the effect of Qigong on the growth and metastasis of cancer. Selected Papers of Intelligent Qigong 1991-1994, part I, 38
  • [2] Li Mei et al. The effect of “external Qi” on transplanted sarcoma S180 in mice. Selected Papers of Intelligent Qigong 1991-1994, part I, 41
Gallbladder polyps95255.56%77.78%
Renal calculus116354.55%81.82%
Hepatic cyst259536%56%
Renal cyst2810835.71%64.28%
Hepatic nodule62233.33%66.67%
Thyroid nodule197536.84%63.15%
Carotid Plaque64066.67%66.67%