Retreat of Xi’an Zhineng Research Center in June, 2019


Xi’an Zhineng Research Center is an institute that are specialized in basic scientific research for testing Three Levels of Matter theory, healing technical with consciousness and qi and Qigong teachers training. From June 10th to 30th, our center has arranged a retreat that includes Open and Close Laqi Class, Fast Self-healing of Tumor Class, and Experiment and Improvement Class.



Open and Close Laqi Class is a class that mainly reinforces the method of Open and Close Laqi in Zhineng. Qi opening and closing is the fundamental movement of our life qi and all things qi. Through practicing Open and Close Laqi for 3, 6 or 8 hours each time, we can increase our qi quantity and density quickly for healing ourselves, improving life quality and developing paranormal abilities.


Leading Open and Close Laqi by teacher Wang.


 Group Healing.


Fast Self-healing of Tumor Class is a class that emphasizes on disappearing or reducing different tumors within 5 days under Three Levels of Matter Theory. In Three Levels of Matter Theory, visible matter such as tumor can be transformed into invisible qi or information.


Experiment and Improvement Class is a class that teacher Yuan leads for doing experiments including connecting the cut cucumber, creating magnet to attract needles, using different thinking to influence the green bean sprouting and using consciousness to influence temperature and electricity.


Making needles magnetic with consciousness.


Thinking can influence the growth of green beans.


Using consciousness to influence temperature.


Cutting and re-connecting a cucumber.


Using consciousness to produce electricity.


Director Wang of Xi’An Center talking with the group.


Enjoying Qi Food in the dining room.


Becoming good friends with Chinese practitioners.


Celebrating collective birthday in the qi field.


Enjoying Xi’An delicious food at goodbye party.


We welcome you to Xi’An Zhineng Science Research Center again. We welcome any friend who comes from the world and the universe.

“ No coming no going
no after no before
I hold you so close to me
I release you to be so free
for you are within me
and I am in you
for you are within me
and I am in you!”

We are always in the same big qi field, our yiyuanti information connecting together wherever. You are within me and I am in you!

One world, one dream: the life of all human beings to be freedom!