2020 October – Healing & Training (Spanish translation)
from October 23rd to November 13th
(22 days)


We were with 37 colleagues from different parts of the world -EU, Israel, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Argentina, Mexico and Germany- mostly with strong cases of stomach, chest, brain, prostate, thyroid cancer, colon, cysts and metastases in different parts of the body, people with Parkinson’s, diabetes, tinnitus, etc.

We saw desperate people returning home with life expectancy, with great achievements, great results, some almost completely healthy.

We are witnesses of what our MIND is capable of doing.

In Zhì Néng Science Research Center they emphasized that, the main objective is not the healing of the body but the healing of the human being as a whole: his mind-body-emotions relationship.

We were fortunate to have more than 10 teachers in different classes, they pointed out the importance of understanding theory together with practice, and bringing it into our daily lives.”

Testimonial of Indira Plata and Hui Yu.




  • LAQI Class: For all kinds of diseases
  • HUALIU Class: To treat tumors and cancer
  • ADVANCED Class:To improve special awareness, skills and health



  • LAQI Class – 7 days – 3200 ¥
  • ADVANCED Class – 6 days – 2000 ¥
  • HUALIU Class – 7 days – 2400 ¥
    • ALL CLASSES: 7600 ¥ (960€)



  • Double room in the center: 50 ¥/night – 6,5€
  • Single room in the center: 80¥/night – 10,5€
  • Double room in the hotel: 120¥/night -15,5€


Full Board

  • Three meals: 60¥/day/p
    • Estimated cost of shared room and full board for 23 days, considering: arrival, departure and rest days between the different classes: ¥ 2530.


Total Cost

  • In the center, with shared room 10130¥ (1310€ approx.)
  • Please consider that the investment in € is subject to the price in China.


People must learn to cure their own illness and not hope that a teacher will rub them or save them in some way. First establish your own health.

Dr Pang


How to book your place

Please contact to Milka Frey or An Yue:

Milka: +34 646 00 19 00

viviendo zhineng qigong




An Yue: +34 620 34 02 58

grulla celeste zhineng qigong





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