2021 March
Annual Conference + Developing our Potential
From March 10 to April 4



Have you ever tried bending a spoon with your mind, generating electricity with your thoughts or restoring the broken shell of an egg?

This training will help you come closer to your true self and develop your innate potential by carrying out scientific research.

For any person in the path of self-realization that would like to go deeper in the awakening process and take their innate abilities to a new level. 


Our starting point for “Developing our Potential” training is the Annual Conference held in Xi’an.

From March 10 to 14thwe will join the Annual Conference that takes place at Xi’an Center. This conference has been held for several years, and everytime there’s about 300 people coming from all over China to join the meeting, including Zhineng teachers and Directors from different Centers, and experts and professors who had long engaged in the research of the “Three levels of matter Theory”, created by Dr. Pang and that aims to uplift qigong into the category of Science.

These 5 days will be filled with conferences, talks, demonstrations and practices. We will have the opportunity to be part of it and learn the latest achievements of Zhineng Science around all China, that will wake up our inspiration and help us develop our own practice and abilities much deeper.

For more information about last year conference, you can read on http://www.danielc235.sg-host.com/scientific-research/

We will continue with the training for “Developing our Potential, Opening our Abilities and Transforming Qigong into a Science”, from March 16thto April 4rd.

Training yourself into the application of scientific research is the core of Zhineng Science. Learn to use your innate abilities to heal yourself and others in a more effective way, and be able to clean polluted water and places, increase the crop production, improve the quality of food and much more fields of application.

In this training you will deepen your understanding in the new theory “Shong” of the 3 levels of matter, where information level is the dominant factor. You will develop your Yiyuanti functions of sending and receiving information, improve the clarity of your mind and your overall health, and get closer to your true self.



  • Straight legs sitting method and study of the Three-Layers of matter theory as the foundation for developing our potential.
  • Teacher Yuan Ming and his team. Teacher Yuan graduated from 1997-1999 teacher training class in Huaxia. He has been teaching qigong and engaged in scientific research up to now.
  • Yiyuanti theory, pure consciousness practice and scientific research application from basic to advanced experiments.
  • Teacher Wu Si has been the leader of broken bones experiments for more than 6 years obtaining remarkable results and recognition in the healing field.
  • Teacher Ye Shiping graduated from 1993-1995 teacher training class in Huaxia, and he is the actual Director of the Scientific Research Department in Xi’an Center.
  • Opening Abilities level one. Awakening our ability for fast reading and long memorizing.
  • Teacher Gao Yaqun is specialized in opening abilities with more than 17 years of experience. Today she is the head of the youth intelligence department.
  • Advanced experiments and improvement of healing abilities.
  • Xi’An Lintong Scientific Research Department has many years of experience conducting experiments in quantum, magnetism, electricity, heat, mass and gravity.



  • 06:15 – 07:15 Morning Practice (optional)
  • 07:20 Breakfast
  • 08:15 – 11:15 Main Class
  • 11:20 Lunch and Break
  • 14:15 – 17:15 Main Class
  • 17:20 Dinner
  • 19:00 – 20:30 Evening Practice


Arrival and Departure

The retreat starts at 8:15 am on March 10th and finishes on April 4th at 11:15. You can arrive on March 8th or 9th and depart on April 4th or 5th.



  • Option 1 – Accommodation in the Center.
    • Shared room in the center, tuition and food – 13.040 RMB.
    • Single room in the center, tuition and food – 13.760 RMB.
  • Option 2 – Accommodation in the Hotel Jinqiu.
    • Double room at the hotel (you can share) – 240 RMB/night
    • Tuition and food – 11.840 RMB.



  • Option 1 – Accommodation in the center.
    • The bedrooms in the center are simple and basic Chinese style.
    • All bedrooms count with 2 beds, private toilet with hot shower and drinking water.

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  • Option 2 – Accommodation in the Hotel Jinqiu.
    • The Hotel is right next to the Center, 5 minutes walk distance and provides very good quality rooms.
    • All bedrooms have two queen size beds, private toilet and cleaning service.

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How to book your place

Please send an email to teacher Rocío – rociosintas@hotmail.com – and she will guide you through steps required for registration.



The center is a 4 floors building, that is part of a nursing home for the old generations. The classes take place inside the main building, in several rooms depending on the class. Also in this building we find the administration offices, and apartments for both resident and temporary practitioners. Around the main buildings there are other 2 floors buildings with numerous rooms where the practitioners can choose to stay in.This center is known by its success in healing many kind of illnesses for many years, so it is a great opportunity to go deeper into the understanding of healing and health, and to achieve it if you need it, also for learning from dedicated teachers and high level practitioners that carry out scientific research in the Center.

The Center bases its practice in Zhineng theory and methods. For healing to happen, the patients need to become qigong practitioners. The practitioners understand Zhineng science, and follow the theory and practice to achieve the health improvement in the entirety of mind and body. The teachers facilitate the environment, the understanding and the support, and practitioners need to open to a new way of understanding health, and ultimately life, to bring back the harmony within themselves.

* Please note that we cannot accept patients with infectious diseases or people that can't take care of themselves.

From your country, fly to China through Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Hong Kong Airports, and transfer to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (XIY). You can also come by train to Xi'an City from most of the cities, but we recommend flying.

From the airport to the Center, you can come by taxi. Approximate time is 1 hour (45 km), and cost 200 RMB. We will send you the address of the Center once you have been registered so you can show to any official taxi at the airport. It is a very well organized service, and safe. Taxi service is available for people with special health needs (who really need assistance in arrival, or have lack of mobility). Please, let us know if this is your case.

If you are coming from Xi'an City, you have 2 options to come to the Center: By taxi: Approximate price for a taxi from Xi'an Railway Station to the Center is 100 rmb. By bus: From Xi'an Railway Station East Square, take bus No. 306 and get off at Terracotta Warriors Station. Approximate price is 7 rmb. From Terracota Warriors Museum, Xi'an Center is about 800 meters towards the Qin Shihuang Tomb. We don't recommend this option unless you are on a budget.

Coming to China requires having a visa. The best is to ask for a tourist visa. Two months before the retreat starts, we will send you an invitation letter and a Hotel voucher so that you can present them in your visa application form.

All the payments will be made at arrival, in cash, and in RMB. This includes: training, accomodation (both types, Hotel and Center), and food.

We recommend you bring your exchanged money from your country. If you need to exchange money in China, you have different options: in the airport, in Xi'an City, or in Lintong village (10 minutes by taxi from the Center). In any way, Bank of China is one good option to either exchange money or withdraw some cash from your credit card. There are numerous offices in and around Xi'an City, and in our nearby village.

We will all have the 3 meals together in the Center, on a buffet basis, no matter which accommodation option you had chosen. The dining hall is located in the basement of the main building of the Center where all classes take place. The food is said to be good for most people coming to the Center, and it has good variety for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

For those sleeping in the Center, you must know you need to bring your own towel. Please, remember this is a basic accommodation so you need to bring all the things that you need for your personal hygiene.

The weather in Xi'an varies depending on the month. As we will have rain in Autumn, we recommend you bring a rain coat, and an umbrella. Please, have a look on the following website to have a better idea about the weather:


Only the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory for China if coming from infected countries. The rest of the vaccines are optional and they are recommended to any country (tetanus, triple viral, and Hepatitis A).

In summer time, there are frequent mosquitoes in this area, only at night time. In Autumn, the situation is better, but we recommend you bring some mosquito repellent to prevent from them.

There's wifi in both accommodation options and in the practice room in the Center.

You don't need to bring special adapter as the ones in site are all in one adapters suitable for all.

The Center counts with a washing machine anyone can use to wash their own personal cloths. You need to provide yourself with some soap.

- There is a small shop in the Center where you can buy small things like soap, drinks, and a few other things.

- 10 minutes by foot there's small grocery shops where you can get some personal items you may need, as well as fruits, nuts, and snacks.

- 10 minutes by taxi you can go to the nearby village Lintong to do bigger shopping. All kind of shops and a bank to exchange money are found in this village.

About 1.5 km from the Center, you will find the Terracotta Museum Warrior. For those arriving earlier, you can go there without needing to buy your tickets in advance. You can either go by foot (20 minutes) or by taxi.


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