Hunyuan Medicine


Zhineng medicine, also called Hunyuan Medicine, is a branch of applied Zhineng Science. It is an entirely new medicine, developed in the late 1980s, independent of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Its foundation theory is Hunyuan Entirety Theory and it has its corresponding theories on physiology, pathology and treatment.

Hunyuan Medicine works to balance and strengthen the patient’s functions, reducing excessive functions and improving weak ones. The same treatment method can decrease blood pressure in someone with hypertension but increase blood pressure with hypotention. Therefore, Hunyuan Medicine does not focus much on diagnosis because the same treatment will be used for a variety of diseases. Also, it has the advantage of benefiting the whole body. For example, one same treatment regime can heal several different diseases a person suffers from.



How to treat a disease with Zhineng?

Zhineng has a variety of methods for achieving heath and wealth. However the essence of all these is a focus on the guidance function of consciousness. In other words, all treatments aim to let the consciousness guide qi to treat disease. The ideal is if a practitioner can grasp this essence and directly use consciousness, not other ways of healing.

There are two kinds of qigong treatment: One is the patient practices qigong to make qi and blood abundant and flowing well, in order to heal illness. The second is the patient receiving external qi treatment from others. The two forms of qigong treatment are very different but the mechanisms are the same. Both focus on making internal qi abundant, free-flowing and transforming healthily.

In Zhineng practice, mind directly mobilises hunyuan qi to work on the body’s tissues and on the hunyuan qi movement of open-close, gather-disperse, and out-in. While actively using consciousness entirety information to directly change the entirety information of the pathological state so that illness is rapidly cured and changed into a healthy state. Qigong pathological theory believes disease is mediated by qi and guided by shen (consciousness). Therefore the focus of qigong treatment is to adjust consciousness and qi: stabilise consciousness, and make qi abundant and free-flowing.

It is recorded in Huang Di Nei Jing that if one keeps the heart peaceful and empty, qi will follow this state to become balanced; if people keep shen inward, disease cannot develop. Hua Tuo (a remarkable doctor who greatly influenced traditional Chinese medicine 1800 years ago) said that illness cannot develop when qi and blood flow well.



What can be cured with Zhineng?

Any disease is curable

Zhineng practice can heal any illness. It can work on both mental and physical problems. Diseases cured through Zhineng, in millions of people, include functional disorders, organic disease, common diseases, rare diseases, many difficult diseases, advanced disease, chronic disease, acute disease, metabolic disease, infectious diseases, mental illness, trauma injuries, chemically induced illnesses, diseases caused by external physical and chemical factors, both acquired and inherited diseases.

Zhineng practice build qi and remove illness, with the focus on building qi. It follows the old saying from Song Shan Tai Wu Xian Sheng Qi Jing: “Ren zai qi zhong, qi zai ren zhong (We humans are within qi, qi is in us). People cannot leave qi, qi doesn’t leave people; people’s life depends on qi, if qi goes we die. Human life activities all manifest in qi. If your qi is plentiful you can’t die even if you want to.”


Quick results, highly effective

Sometimes there can be seemingly incredible healing results. Broken bones can be instantly healed and a cancerous tumor can be instantly removed. It is hard to believe such results because they are impossible with other treatment methods. Deaf people recover their hearing. Patients with eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, visual nerve inflammation, retinal detachment, etc. recover their eyesight. Paralyzed patients can walk again. Patients with high blood pressure revert to normal blood pressure.


However, it is not all-powerful

Not every disease or every patient obtains such good results. What determines that? Consciousness plays a leading role in life activity, whether people realize it or not. Human consciousness always plays a leading role in our life. That is why it is difficult to treat patients who don’t cooperate with the practitioner giving external qi treatment. This is especially the case where people do not believe in qigong and have their own fixed thinking patterns linked to achievements in their own particular field; external qi treatment will generally not be very effective with such people. For example:

  • If the patient’s mind is strongly linked to the sick qi, healing is more difficult.
  • With new illness the sick qi field is not firmly established and treatment is more effective. It is more difficult once the sick qi field is firmly established.
  • If the patient can actively open their heart to receive healing from a practitioner, it is easy to cure disease. If not, it is difficult.



What are the key points for healing to occur?


1. Treat xin (heart and mind)

This is the most important element in qigong healing. One must take the initiative, help build our confidence and determination to conquer our illness. This change in their psychological state will change illness to health. All traditional qigong treatment strongly emphasises this.

Qu You said in Yang Sheng Fa: “A healthy mind guarantees a healthy shen and a healthy shen guarantees a healthy person. In contrast, if a person worries constantly and their shen is attached to external things, they will age quickly. Do not let external factors damage your inner qi. If one maintains harmonious qi in the chest every day, one will always stay healthy.”

Zhu Quan said in Yang Sheng Xin Fa: “Ancient high-level doctors could cure emotional problems so they wouldn’t cause physical illness. Today’s doctors only cure disease, without healing xin (heart and/or mind). They have got their priorities wrong. It is like treating a tree’s problems by focusing on the branches not the roots, and also like working on the flow of water but not the source. It is really foolish to want to fix a problem in this way.”

Tai Bai Zhen Ren spoke more clearly: “When treating illness, start with xin because when xin is in its right state it will accord with dao. Doctors should help patients clear away worries, doubts, delusions, all conflict and judgment between themselves and others, to repent for all wrong things they did, and then to let go of everything from their heart. Then they will be in harmony with the natural world. Gradually they will focus on the state of their shen and their xin will become stable and peaceful. People should understand that everything in the world is empty and all struggle is delusion, the body is an illusion, good fortune and disaster are nothing, life and death are a dream. If people can suddenly understand this, all attachments of the heart will be released and the heart will naturally become pure and peaceful, disease will heal naturally. By doing this people can be cured without even taking medicine. High-level doctors used dao in this way to change patients’ hearts in order to heal them.”


2. The importance of practice

Zhineng methods can be grasped very quickly and easily acquired. Patients can become practitioners in just a few days of learning the basic Zhineng theory and methods, and thereafter treat their own illness and that of others. Learning the theory and practicing the methods is the way for healing, and thus changing our life.

Ke ku lian gong – Practice qigong diligently and with effort [br] wan mei shen xin – Improves your body and mind/heart[br] zao fu ren lei – Which brings benefit to human beings


This embodies the process in Zhineng where through one’s own efforts, one improves oneself and this is able to help others.