Shong Theory


Zhineng Science states there are three kinds of existence in the universe: physical matter, energy and information. Physical matter refers to existence from the level of atoms and above. Energy is as understood in modern science, including sound, light, electricity, magnetism, heat, gravity and radiation. The third kind of existence is information, the entirety time-space characteristics of every thing that is.

In Zhineng Science the word ‘information’ has a different meaning than other definitions based on ordinary knowledge. It refers to time-space structures. Every thing has its own information, its entirety time-space structure. Information is composed of natural and consciousness information; consciousness information can be that of ordinary or paranormal abilities. The information of all living things is a mix of inherent and acquired information. In qigong practice, we mainly use yiyuanti to receive information through which we understand the laws of the universe and of human life, and to send information to consciously raise to a higher level each individual’s life and that of all humans.

In the early 1990s Dr Pang gave lectures and detailed in Hunyuan Entirety Theory, and presented a Hypothesis on the three aspects of matter: physical matter, energy and information. Realizing that qigong scientific research was needed for developing qigong to a scientific level, he encouraged Zhineng practitioners throughout China to carry out external qi experiments. A symposium was held at Huaxia every year throughout 1992 to 1997. There were 4.224 study papers presented, covering agriculture, medicine, industry, forestry, fishing, education, and more. During this time Dr Pang established a scientific research department at Huaxia and held classes for scientists and experts from all over China. In 1996 Huaxia began to carry out experiments on changing hunyuan qi into light, electricity, magnetism, heat, and so on.

In 2003 Dr Pang created the name ‘Shong’ to describe this three levels of matter theory. Since then, Zhineng scientific research has continued in different parts of China. In June 2016 an International Symposium is being held in Shanghai on the three aspects of matter theory.



Shong Theory, the Hypothesis of Three-level Theory of the Universe

(the short version) By Dr Pang; Beijing, October 2015 .


The Three-level Matter Theory holds that the universe consists of three levels of matter, and that the material structure has three levels:

The first level is the physical level. It refers to physical matter with physical and chemical characteristics, including materials from atomic level, macroscopic physical matter to the human body. It is an objective form of existence whose forming material is mass. The energy and information reside in mass.

The second level is the field -or energy- level, such as electric field, magnetic field, gravitational field, etc. This is an objective existence form whose forming material is energy. Mass (in a hidden state) and information reside in energy. Modern science has a deep understanding of the above two levels of matter, but it has not yet reached the extreme. Therefore, it is difficult to understand many mysteries of the universe, especially the mysteries of life. Although years of exploration have not yet found a solution and method, lying in a difficult and confusing situation, many people in the world with insights are exploring the mysteries of the sub-quantum world. For example, Bohm established the “implicit order” theory; Green’s “superstring” theory; Owen Razlow’s “holographic hidden energy field” theory (Akasha field); and also, there is the “super field” proposed by the British Society of Supermedicine and the “morphogenesis field” of Sheldrake, which are trying to solve this problem.

The third level is the information level. There is also a third level of objective existence in the universe that is the hunyuan entirety information level, which is a level that has not yet been recognized by humans today. It is an objective existence whose forming material is the hunyuan overall information, the time and space structure, where mass and energy are in a hidden state. Substances at this level do not show energy and mass characteristics, but under certain conditions the substances can transform or generate various energies even masses, and the energies and masses can also be transformed into the substance under certain conditions. This level is compatible with the fore-mentioned two levels of matter. Substances at this level include the following sub-levels:

  1. Original Hunyuan Qi. It is the most basic state of matter in the universe and can be said to be the natural state of the third level of matter. Everything in the universe is derived from it. After all things are created, it becomes the background and power of everything. The composition of substances in this level is the simplest and finest material and can’t be separated. There is no difference here, showing “one is all” and “all is one”. Everything in the universe is accommodated into it and transformed by it. It is the “material” of the hunyuan space-time structure at other levels.
  2. Every things Hunyuan Qi. Each kind of substance is composed of Hunyuan Qi that mark its fundamental characteristics. The physical material is the condensed state of Hunyuan Qi, and it has a sparse existence around the material. There is still the flowing Hunyuan Qi inside it.
  3. Human Hunyuan Qi. It is divided into:
    • Bodily Hunyuan Qi.
    • Internal organs Hunyuan Qi, to maintain life activities.
    • Yiyuanti, as the ontology of consciousness, which is a initiative and selective Hunyuan Qi that has the functions of reflection, self-reflection and memory. It is the highest level of the three-level material theory and the core, as well as the most valuable part. It is similar to the first sub-level “original Hunyuan Qi”, so that the ancients regarded it as “the unity of heaven and humans”.

The Three-level Matter Theory holds that the three-level of matter can be mutually transformed. Qi from the third level can gather into energy of the second level, and energy of the second level can gather into physical objects of the first level that can be scattered into energy of the second level and Qi of the third level. This process can be conducted naturally, or it can be achieved using the extraordinary intelligence technology (the mind). The three-level matter theory holds that human’s extraordinary intelligence technology can transform Hunyuan Qi into different forms of energy and mass, mobilizing the Hunyuan Qi to interact with all things to make it change according to the expected requirements. The Yiyuanti of ordinary people (the third sub-level of the third level) all have varying degrees of “supernormal skills”, and they are of different types, which can be strengthened through specific training and learning.

At first glance, the sub-levels of the third level seem to be very different, but they are different only within the third level. Just as the ancient saying of “neither the same nor different”. In the third level, each sub-level is “unique”, but the sub-level is “identical” in terms of the characteristics of the first and second levels.

The hypothesis of Three-level Matter Theory is used to explain the mystery of the universe and material structure, as well as to explain characteristic of human itself and the nature of consciousness of human beings. In June 2014, the 17th Academic Conference of Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed that the frontier research fields are material structure, universe evolution, the origin of life and the nature of consciousness. Especially, the hypothesis of Yiyuanti theory can provide a explanation for the various special functions developed by humans, including “psychology” described in foreign countries, and various mysterious phenomena recorded by human beings, as a matter of fact that these are human functions but not God. The Three-level Matter Theory is related to today’s human understanding of the nature of human beings, to knowing yourself truly, to the self conscious awareness, and ultimately reaching self-realization.