Recover your visual health naturally ( Feb 18 to Mar 27. 2022)

Preparation for free and formal session

Visual examination

Whether myopia or hyperopia, we usually only do far vision test. After training, if the far vision is improved, the near vision will also improve.

  1. Purchase the vision test chart. You also can print the English letters test chart, select portrait printing with A 4 paper, use it at 3 meters. You also can use the looking far away target (see the preparation of vision practice) for simple test, and the distance to see the target clear can be the test result.
  2. Whether you practice two eyes or one eye, you should test the right eye and the left eye respectively. If you don’t have vision problems or only want vision care, you are free to test or not.
  3. Remove the glasses. If it is not convenient to take out the lens, you can also wear the lens for testing.
  4. Test time and record: Test the vision within 10 minutes before and after the first practice. From the second day, test the vision one time before training within 10 minutes. Record all the test results.
  5. If possible, at the same time of testing at home, you can go to a regular vision agency for testing before practice and around the end.

Vision practice

  1. Take off the glasses before practice, but you can also practice wearing glasses.
  2. If there is a big difference in eyesight between the two eyes, you can cover the eye with good eyesight when you practice looking far away, and only practice the eye with poor eyesight.
  3. During looking far away, if you feel tired, you can close your eyes in advance, after a good rest, you can continue to practice.
  4. Record the no blink time in the first and last practice.
  5. According to your eyesight, print the chart 我的眼睛明亮了bigger one or smaller one, for the bigger one, select portrait printing with A 4 paper, for the small one, select the landscape option with A 4 paper, then cut off one chart. After printing choose one of the Chinese characters as looking far away target. You also can write a letter by yourself or cut a word from the newspaper as target.
  6. Find the practice position where you can join the meeting and practice sitting on a chair, then stick the chart or the letter or the word on the opposite wall, make it right in front of the eyes when practice, and make it half blurry.


Free session: Feb. 13 2022, Sunday, More

Sessions: Feb 18 – Mar.27, 2022, each Friday and Sunday, totally 12 days.

Every day course schedule. China

Time: Beijing time 8:30 – 10:30 PM

The second half: Laqi practice, healing for eyes and body.

The first half: Organizing qi field, eight phrases, learning theory or mingmu methods, practice mingmu method.

Free session: The representative of the participants speak, Shuzi Mingmu Introduction, Looking far away practice.

Lesson 1, The representative of the organizer speaks, introduce the organizers, the teachers speak, explain and practice the method of looking far away professionally.

Lesson 2, Explain and practice Qigong mingmu method, practice looking far away.

Lesson 3, The basic principles of looking far away professionally, practice looking far away.

Lesson 4, How to improve eyesight? practice looking far away.

Lesson 5, Explain the methods of looking far away at leisure, looking far away taking off glasses, looking far away with lower power glasses, practice looking far away.

Lesson 6, Explain and practice the method of eyes exercises, practice looking far away.

Lesson 7, Explain and practice the method of imagination: sunlight shower, eyes painting, clear trip, practice looking far away.

Lesson 8, Explain and practice the method of TCM mingmu, practice looking far away.

Lesson 9, Explain and practice the method of getting what you want, practice looking far away.

Lesson 10, Answer questions, practice looking far away.

Lesson 11, How to consolidate vision? practice looking far away.

Lesson 12, The representatives of the participants and  organizers speak, the teachers speak, practice looking far away.

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