New Enhance Immunity and Healing Online Retreat


In Zhineng qi gong every challenge is just another opportunity to deepen our practice. Now that the corona virus is spreading outside of China there is an opportunity for us to learn how to deal with the situation , how to protect ourselves and our families. In China- the situation has improved a lot !There are many provinces in which all infected people completely recovered. The virus is also under control in Wuhan. More and more people ,in the hospitals and at home are cured everyday. Many companies, factories & businesses began to resume work. almost all restrictions of traffic were lifted-so traffic is smooth across the country.

The western medicine , at the moment ,does not have much to offer for people that were infected by the virus and does not have much to offer for prevention however Chinese medicine played a huge role in the recovery in China! Most of the people were cured in China by TCM and some other special Chinese methods. of course Qi Gong played a big role as well, in the healing and in prevention of catching the virus. We did not hear about qi gong practitioners in China that were infected by the virus! Why did so many infected people were cured fast by TCM in China?


TCM focus and purpose is not to kill the virus, but to improve the immunity and the resistance of the body.

In Chinese medicine and Qi Gong, there is no concept of a virus. The definition is not of an illness but of the situation of the person : The situation of the Qi , the blood and the flow in the meridians- diagnosing whether qi is abundant /enough ? whether it is blocked or stagnant . When the vitality of the patient is increased – Qi is abundant, Qi & blood flowing well- all body functions return to normal The important knowledge is how to enhance our own vitality and immunity. For this we will dedicate a unique powerful online retreat, spreading the powerful Qi field and all health information to the world.



  • To protect ourselves and our families.
  • To strengthen our immunity and resistance.
  • To make all various problems disappear.
  • To recover all functions .
  • To return to perfect health.
  • How to enhance immunity with intensive practice.
  • How to enhance the immunity and resistance with Yiyuanti
  • How to strengthen the whole immune system with the Qi field.
  • How to heal with the practice and the Qi field. •How to recover with yiyuanti and the Qi field.
  • The relationship between Qi consciousness and immunity.
  • How to improve our ability of managing health?
  • Universe and human beings are one.



  • A special method to enhance the immunity and the functions of heart and lungs. ​A​ ​method that is taught by Director Wang- the director of Xian center, for this very special time with the virus in the world.
  • Chen Qi
  • La Qi


Healing Sessions

  • Collective healing with the qi field
  • Collective healing with enhanced immunity.

every week there will be one session half an hour long for Q&A.

The Retreat will be held via Zoom by a team of teachers from Xian Center :

  • Teacher ​Yuan Ming
  • Teacher ​Zhu Wanfeng
  • Teacher ​Gao Yaqun

The Retreat will be a month long. There will be 3 sessions weekly- 2 hours each session, 12 sessions altogether


The Dates

  • From 22.3.2020 to 17.4.2020
    • Sundays 20:30-23:00
    • Wednesdays :20:30-23:00
    • Fridays 20:30-23:00
  • All sessions will be held at Beijing time zone (GMT+08:00). The time converter for your timeline:



These online sessions are meant to support Xian center that like many other places are having great financial difficulties, they still cannot receive people for healing retreats onsite- people are still afraid to come.

The teachers in Xian center are working on regular basis on very  small salaries even after many years of teaching – they do not put money as first priority , but they see the  crucial importance of supporting the research center of Xian {that has no income-only expenses}

And that enables zhineng qigong to become valid in the eyes of the science thus  opening the possibility to help change the world culture. On the other hand all of us now are in a special state-many of us are also in difficulties, so we have a special price for people that the regular price for them now is too much.

Any one can choose what is right for him or her

And like always if someone wants to join and needs more help even with this price – please don’t hesitate to let us know privately (contact Daya ,Ronit or teachers }


Please pay attention to the details – especially to whom you are paying:

  • We ask all Europeans to pay Yuan
  • Americans, South Americans, Australians and New Zealanders please pay Peter
  • Israelis can pay Ronit or Yuan


The Fee

New Students*Recurring Students
(7% discount)
Special price
for the situation
1500 CNY1400 CNY1200 CNY
750 Shekel700 Shekel600 Shekel
195 euro180 euro155 euro
215 US Dollar200 US Dollar170 US Dollar

*There is a 7% discount for students that joined the last retreat

Payment is possible using Western Union- for Peter – and Transferwise or Xoom (which is PayPal’s easy option for paying in China)- for Yuan

For paying through Transferwise or Xoom you will need bank details.

For Paying through Western Union you only need  full name and country

Peter (New Zealand, Austrralia, USA, South America)Yuan (Europe, Israel)
Payment with western unionPayment with transferwise or Xoom
Wen – given name Liu – family nameZhengbo – given name
Yuan – family name



CODE: 710000


ACCOUNT NO: 6235753600002664334


POST CODE :710699
Please send transaction no. with photo of paymentPlease send photo of payment with your details Name and country
Tel: +8613756062596

Tel: +8618954990978

Israelis can pay Ronit with“BIT” or bank transference.      

רונית אדר מור
מס. חשבון 63573409
סניף 833
בנק לאומי 


Please send me a photo of the payment confirmation (and for Western Union – transaction no.) (see contact details below)

After I will receive your confirmation I will send you then the link and password to the zoom meetings.


Make sure your zoom is installed and working !!


 CONTACT (Murty Daya)

there is a whatsapp group for easy contact and messages during the retreat

if you have whatsapp and would like to join please write me on whatsapp to my number  +972558890264

Feel free to let me know  if you need further assistance You are welcome to write me an email to

Or Whatsapp me on +972558890264 And please be patient as I will respond to everyone, it might take me a day or so for me to get back to you.
Thank you and all the blessings to you 


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