Intensive Laqi training and healing course

In the Huaxia healing centre, we were used to practice deeply LaQi and Chenqi. It helped people to go deeper and deeper and made their Qi and energy abundant. Many of them recovered and healed from severe diseases. Deep and long practices can heal cancer, diabetes, cardiopathy, etc.

Why deep practices are more effective ?

Open – Kai = Expanding out the Qi body into the universe far away.
Close – He = Gathering Hunyuan Qi deeper and deeper in the body.

1)Qi and consciousness go deep inside the body, It transforms all unhealthy things and unhealthy information.

2)The practise give more Qi and energy. Usually heavy patients need more Qi and energy. When there is enough Qi, the disease changes and heals.

3)Deep and long practices can help us to build a strong consciousness and keep a stable mind.

4)Overcome your body limitations. Overcome your consciousness fixations. Release your life. Recover your whole life !

5)Deep and long practices can help you to merge into the Qi field completely. So you can use the infinite power of the Qi field to heal and recover yourself !

Free session

11 november from 9:00 to 10:30 pm – Beijing time (14h to 15h30 – Central europe time)

The newsletter for the free session and retreat information in english

The room only in english
ID : 862 3761 1708
Pass : haola!

La salle avec la traduction en français

ID : 288 373 2953
Pass : 0000 (4 zero)

Zoom details :

The content of the course

Everyday program

20 min Chen Qi then LaQi
Some wallsquats with Mingmen Kaihe
Deep LaQi of Hun Yuan Shen Shi

Intensive practices and healings – Few theories

During the practise we will

Use the Yiyuanti field = The consciousness field.
Strengthen Hun Yuan Shen Shi = The innate Qi field and innate Qi.
Merge and transform Yiyuanti with Hun Yuan Shen Shi.
Combine LaQi and Hun Yuan Shen Shi.

Long time practises will :

Strengthen the Yiyuanti Field = Consciousness field
Go deeper and deeper in our body to clean and transform all unhealthy things and information.
Strengthen our innate Qi and innate information that come from our parents and ancestors.
Deeply heal and recover all kinds of disease
Deeply purify and improve the whole life

We always connect with the big Qi field of the Xi’an centre
We always keep positive thoughts and positive information
We always connect with the Yiyuanti field of the zhineng science


One month long retreat online via zoom
21 Nov– 22 Dec 2021
10 sessions – 39 hours
2 weekly sessions = Thursdays & sundays


The Xi’an center teacher team


Many translations are available. We will be in one big zoom with all translation included in. You have to register with your local organisers that will support you during all the retreat . If you need to find a local organisers, you can send a mail to


All the schedule is in beijing time

Please check the time converter :

21 Nov 2.5h Half hour theory 2h deep practise 15:30-18:00pm
25 Nov 3h Half hour theory 2.5h deep practise 15:30-18:30pm

28 Nov 2.5h Half hour 2h deep practise 15:30-18:00pm
2 Dec 4h Half hour theory 3.5h deep practise 15:30-19:30pm

5 Dec 3h Half hour theory 2.5h deep practise 15:30-18:30pm
9 Dec 5h Half hour theory 4.5h deep practise 15:30-20:30pm

12 Dec 3h Half hour theory 2.5h deep practise 15:30-18:30pm
16 Dec 6h Half hour theory 5.5h deep practise 15:30-21:30pm

19 Dec 6h Half hour theory 5.5h deep practise 15:30- 21:30pm
22 Dec 4h – 2h practise 2h sharing & Qi party for christmas 15:30-19:30pm

Retreat fees

Full retreat recurrent students recordings only

230euro 215euro 205euro

260usd 245usd 235usd

It includes 10 sessions for 39 hours long

All recordings to download or stream in audios et videos on mega or youtube Chaptered recordings to easily review the different parts of each class.
A whatsapp community group with chinese teachers to share directly

Participants will send directly their payment to chinese teachers,

we propose three paypal accounts for that : Teacher Gao Teacher Yuan Teacher Dong

Once the payment is made send an email to the teacher.
And also if the paypal account is not suitable for you,so you can write email to teacher Gao and teacher Yuan, to receive their bank details.


The registration is here : Click here
Or you can check directly on the webiste
More information at

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