Intensive Healing Course with Xian Center in the Beautiful Months of April and May

Dear Friends, in this beautiful season of spring, flowers are blooming ; Birds are singing ; Trees are growing in joy. In this beautiful April, the Xian Center will provide an online workshop. An Intensive healing course, more focus on Qigong healing. We will use the Hun yuan qi, the consciousness and the Big Qi field to heal illnesses !

This will be an unique and effective healing course, what you really want is what you will get from this course.

The Healing Course will more focus on

  • Deep practices & qigong healings
  • Healing for chronic diseases
  • Healing for internal organs diseases
  • Healing for physical body diseases


Hunyuan Qi Theory

Hunyuan Medicine View

Yiyuanti Theory

The Emotion and Health

The Reference framework and Consciousness


Laqi  & ChenQi 

Sending Qi & Mingmen Kaihe

Qigong Healings

Collective Qigong Healing sessions

Qigong speaking therapy of Zhineng Science

Intensive Healing sessions in the Powerful Qi field

Different Diseases Healing Sessions

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Xi’an centre’s teachers team

Date and time

All sessions are online through zoom

14:30 – 17:00 Paris time

20:30 – 23:00pm Beijing time

From 22 April – 27 May 

Every Tuesday & Saturday

2h30 each session    

There be no session on the Saturday 6th of may,

it will be replace by a session on the Monday 1st  of may

Retreat fees

First retreat with the centerSecond retreat or moreRecordings only
200euro 185euro175euro

This includes

11 sessions for a total of 27,5 hours

English, audios and videos, chaptered to easily find theories and practices.

A whatsapp group to share together during the retreat.

A big qi field that will be with us during the whole month to empower our practice and our daily life.

For english participants, you can send payment through paypal to: 

Teacher Gao:

Teacher Yuan:

Once the payment is made, send an email to the teacher.

If the paypal account is not suitable for you, you can write an email to teacher Gao or teacher Yuan to receive their bank details.


The zoom room will be a multitranslation room

It will be one big zoom room with all the translations included in. 

If you need a translation, register directly with your local organizer.

You can send an email at to have the list of the translations available

Please consult the time converter for your local time

For more information

Send a mail to Nicolas


Click here to register

 Free Session

Thursday 13th of April

15:00 – 16:30 Paris time
9:00-10:30pm Beijing time

Click here to register to the free sessionThe recordings of the free session will be here: Click here

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