Shuzi Mingmu Online Course (2023-02-20)

Shuzi Mingmu is a training method with noticeable and fast effects, it offers 100% natural, non-invasive techniques. Provides POSITIVE RESULTS in vision problems.

The method of Shuzi Mingmu originates from sound research of holistic methods from Ancient and Modern China.It has its roots in Chinese Traditional Medicine, Kung Fu, Yoga, and, mainly,Qigong science.

It is a training method that includes simple and practical techniques. the foundation is the relaxation of the mind, which generates a deep relaxation of all blood vessels, eye balls and the whole body. This relaxation has a deep and integral impact in the health of our vision and the rest of the body.

Shuzi Mingmu helps you increase, holistically,your vision, body and mind health.


His research has focused on natural vision and he success-fully developed the vision training method known as “ShuZi MingMu, based on Zhineng science.

He has spent more than 16 years teaching this method, with quick and excellent results in visual health of practitioners, helping them avoid surgeries and increasing their quality of life; he has taught ShuZi MingMu in many countries and the practitioners are from all over the world, such as China, Malaysia, Germany,Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, France, The Netherlands,Czech Republic, Austria, and Spain, among others.


A Zhineng Science teaching and healing center, China; its main objectives are illness recovery and prevention, development of consciousness paranormal abilities, and increase of self-healing process.

It is focused on researching the Zhineng Science and its application not only in health, but also in technology, including natural sciences, social sciences and other disciplines. They conduct scientific experiments about Qi essence and the effect of external Qi.


Feb.-Mar.2023, February 20, 24, 27. March 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24.

10 days, 2 hours each time, 9 to 11 PM Beijing time.


LIVE ONLINE:$260 USD / €225



50% If you have previously taken the Shuzi MingMu payment event, more: Preferential Policies for the Previous Participants of Shuzi Mingmu International Payment Event

20%  until February 13, 2023.

20% If you refer one person.

50% If you refer 2 persons.

100% If you refer 3 persons.

Note: DISCOUNTS ARE NOT CUMULATIVE. * Discounts apply if the referred person is enrolled in the course.


– Recordings of the sessions and audiovisual material.

People who cannot join the sessions may buy the recordings.

– Access to videos through for a year.

– Videos cannot be downloaded.


1. Choose an organizer and contact him/her.

2.Send a copy of the Payment,and confirm payment with your organizer.

3.Fill in the registration form sent by the organizer.

4.The organizer will aid you throughout the process.

NOTE: If you fail to send copy of the payment, the registry will not be completed.



Argentina Lou Padín,

México Indira/Silvia/Hui/Abelardo,


Israel Dafna Argaman,

         Ronit Adar,

Singapore Ahtianong,


Germany Dario Donau,


Netherlands Yvonne Hoeber,

Spain Marie,

Türkiye Gözde Ergüç, 

United Kingdom Valerio

If you can’t find your organizer, please contact us:


Only those who sent their improvement reports as requested will receive their digital diploma.



It is recommended to have an eye and vision examination before attending the course

  1. According to experience, even if only one public experience class is attended, many people’s eye health and vision will be improved immediately. We recommend that you go to a regular ophthalmic hospital or optometry center for a comprehensive examination, including eye axis and vision, before attending the course.
  2. Buy a distant vision chart. 1. The visual acuity chart can be used for visual contrast test before and after the public class and during the formal class. 2. It is used for vision training in open classes. Paste the sight chart on the wall directly in front of the seat, and select any line of sight marks to make it just in front of the eyes and just not clear.

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