Xi’an Center Face to Face Retreat in China

23 days of retreat in China organised by the Xi’an center

Improve vitality on all levels
To cure all kinds of problems

To remove tumors
Strengthen consciousness

Strengthen and purify yiyuanti
To improve the Qigong level

1st Week
Healing & intensive practise
Go deeper to recover
from all problems

Deep laqi and chenqi practice,
Long laqi practice
Open and strengthen mingmen
To make the innate qi abundant
Nourish the root of life

2nd week
Healing tumors
Make the tumors disappear

Clear unhealthy information
Transform all problems
Feel the powerful qi field to remove pathological information

3rd week
Purify consciousness
Scientific research and experiments

Training and purifying the consciousness
To make consciousness clear and strong
Nourish the brain and nervous system
Develop extra sensory abilities
To do scientific research

What a Xi’an center retreat looks like ?

3 travelling days during the retreat

We will have a traveling Sunday
and we will end the retreat with 2 days of travel!

The terracotta army

It is composed of thousands of soldiers all shaped in clay accompanied by their horses, also in clay. Not one soldier is identical in this incredible site.

The temple of the emperor Huangdi

Experience 5,000 years of cultural and natural information preserved in the temple and in the 5,000-year-old cypress trees.

The Great Wild Goose Pagoda and Daci’en Temple

The Great Wild Goose Pagoda, the symbol of Xian, is a preserved historical building that is a holy place for Buddhists. It has more than 1360 years of history and preserves the Sarira Buddha and Sanskrit scriptures brought by Xuanzang from India.

Da Ci’en Temple is a holy land of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, it is the place where Xuanzang of Tang Dynasty specialized in translating and preserving the sutras.

On September 14, we return to our hotel after 2 days of travel and the retreat is over. You can continue your trip to China or take your flight back home.

Click here to see beautiful pictures about Xi’an Center, Travelling, Hotel etc.

Our practise place

Our retreat will take place in a luxurious hotel close to the Terracotta Army and the Emperor’s Temple. We wanted to welcome you to the center of Xi’an directly, but government measures do not allow us to do so. So we recreate the Xi’an center’s qifield and consciousness field in a warm and welcoming place where we can be comfortable to deepen our practice, our health and our life in all its aspects. We will go to visit the xi’an center and all its departments during some specials days.

The hotel is renowned for its cleanliness, dining and rooms. The practice room is spacious with comfortable carpeting to feel at ease during and after practice. There are a tea room and a small lounge to relax in. Wifi is available everywhere. The food is good and healthy. There are public transportations to easily get around during the weekends.

Xi’an Center is a zhineng science research center founded in 2015. It is the largest zhineng qigong center in China. The teachers scientifically research the effects of consciousness and qi on physical matter. They have many official publications and work in collaboration with several public universities, government institutes and national hospitals. The teachers, therapists and researchers use the power of consciousness and qi to heal all kinds of pathologies and transform matter. They are committed to help humanity reveal its full potential. They wish to contribute to the awakening of human consciousness, to the end of suffering in our societies and to get out of mental alienation to enter a new era of mindfulness. They wish to allow the emergence of a new society based on ancestral wisdom and modern science that is at the service of all, for all and by all. Come and practice with the teachers of the Xi’an center to improve your life and health, to open your mind and heart and to embrace a larger and more expansive reality where your infinite potential can freely unfold.

Weekly schedule

Classes begin on August 23 and end on September 14.

We practice from Monday to Saturday afternoon

Saturday evening and Sunday are free

The daily schedule is as follows
8:30 – 11:30 am Practice, theory and healing
2:30 – 5:30 pm Practice, theory and healing
7:30 – 8:30 pm Practice
Rest or free practice

Food and accommodation

We will be staying in a luxurious hotel located very close to the site of the Terracotta Army. The rooms are comfortable and spacious, each equipped with a desk, bathroom with shower, wifi, cable and satellite TV and a boiler. The rooms have air conditioning and you will have access to a washing machine. The staff is present 24 hours a day to attend to all our needs.

The food is good and healthy, we will fill it with good qi and good information at every meal to nourish our physical body, our qi body and our consciousness. If you have special needs in terms of nutrition, let us know in the registration form and we will do our best to make you feel at home.

Price and registrationion

2470 USD / 2250 € including all expenses for 23 days from August 23 to September 14 (training, food, accommodation and final trip)

If you need a payment facility, send an email to contact@1conscience.net. We will define a payment schedule together.

Standard rooms are shared with one other person. You can have a single room for 17.5 USD more per day.

Priority for registration is given to people who come for 23 days. If you wish to participate for less than 3 weeks, a waiting list will be opened according to the possibilities.

Payment: It is done directly in on site RMB or euros cash. You can change the money when you are in Xi’an.

The registration is finalized when you pay a deposit of 150€ /180 USD by PayPal, bank transfer or Western Union. You are responsible for the payment of the transfer fees. Payment details will be given after registration.

Once the registration is confirmed, the deposit will not be refunded, except in special cases.

For any questions, please send us an email to contact@1conscience.net



How to get there ? There is an international airport in Xi’an city, 1 hour away from our hôtel. We will arrange transportation from the airport. Once you have your flight ticket, please inform us of your flight number and arrival time. The cab fare is included in the total price of the retreat.

How to go ? We will arrange a cab according to your needs to return to the airport. This price is not included in the price of the retreat (about 25 USD for a cab to the airport).

To change money The deposit payment of 150€/180 USD is made by money transfer, the remaining amount of the retreat will be paid in cash directly on site in RMB or euros. You can change the money once you arrive in Xi’an city.

Visa and covid procedure Please check with the ambassy directly to know about the right procedure to follow in your country

Weather and temperature In August and September, the weather in Xi’an is very nice. A big blue sky, a light breeze, good temperatures and a relaxed atmosphere.

Director Wang, Xi’an center teachers and Nicolas Lovet-Durbet are happy to welcome you to the Xi’an center. We will improve our life together. To become more beautiful, younger, happier, stronger. We will improve the health of our body, our heart and our consciousness every day. Haola! Haola! Haola!


Any questions ? Please contact us on contact@1conscience.net

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