Deep healing of 5 internal organs-Deep level of unity

We know 5 internal organs health is very important for the whole life. In Huangdi Neijing, it has
been said : “According to the Zang Xiang theory, the human body is an extremely complex organic
whole. All the components of the human body are inseparable in structure ; mutually useful in function ;
interconnected in metabolism, and mutually affected in pathology.”

The five organs represent the five physiological systems of the human body. All the tissues and
organs of the human body can be included in these five systems.

The specific structure of the interconnected systems are:
The liver system (liver – gall bladder – tendons – eyes – fingers, toes and nails)
The heart system (heart – small intestine – blood vessels – tongue – face)
The Pi system (pancrease- stomach – flesh – mouth – lips)
The lung system (lung – large intestine – skin – nose – body hairs)
The kidney system (kidney – bladder – bone marrow – ear – hair).

These five systems are not isolated from each other, but are interconnected through the
communication of the meridians and the flow of qi and blood. The coordination of the five organs and
their mutual use are important to maintain the physiological balance of the body.

We can make our lives a healthy organic unity. Through intensive training and deep practice of 5
internal organs, we can heal the problems of 5 internal organs and their related system.

Experience deeper level of unity
Our consciousness is come from Yiyuanti. The Yiyuanti is our own master of life. It is extremely pure
and even. It is an entire state of time and space. It can go through anything and penetrates any layer of
matter in the universe. It transforms any things to become good and healthy for our body and the whole
life. It makes everything harmonious for human and the nature.

We will experience level where the observer and the observed are merging together. Where
subject and object are merging as one. Through this experience of unity, we can easily understand the
third layer of matter : The entirety of space and time.

We will be able to better use the third layer of matter : Yiyuanti information.
It will enhance and optimize our whole life. Our Yiyuanti field will become stronger and more effective. It
will benefit self and benefit all humanity, animals, plants, earth and universe.

We will break the limits of the reference framework : To open it, play with, complete it and perfect it.

2 free healings on tumor and organs
July 21th and 28th
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The content of the course
The structure of Five internal organs
Five organs and their systems
Yiyuanti theory
Yiyuanti reference framework
The unity of human and nature

Methods and Healing
Deep practice of liver system (liver – gall bladder – tendons – eyes – claws)
Deep practice of heart system (heart – small intestine -blood vessel – tongue – face)
Deep practice of Pi system (pancrease- stomach – flesh – mouth – lips)
Deep practice of lung system (lung – large intestine – skin – nose – fur)
Deep practice of kidney system (kidney – bladder – bone marrow – ear – hair).
Wall Squats with Mingmen Kaihe
Organise Qi field for healing
Intensive collective healing
Intensive healing for each organ
Healing for every organ’s system

Which problems can be healed
Heal problems of each organ directly
Heal problems related to every organ
Heal problems related to organ’s system
Heal problems which come from negative emotions
Heal problems related to the reference framework

Retreat fees
First retreat Second retreat or more Recordings only
180usd 165usd 155usd
165euro 150euro 140euro
Participants will send directly their payment through paypal to :
Teacher Gao :
Teacher Dong:
Once the payment is made send an email to the teacher.
If the paypal account is not suitable for you, you can write an email to teacher Gao and
teacher Yuan to receive their bank details.

Date and time
All sessions are online through zoom
14:30 – 17:00pm Paris time
20:30 – 23:00pm Beijing time
From 10 – 29 August
Wednesday – Saturday – Sunday
2h30 each session
On august 10th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 20th, 21th, 24th, 27th, 28th
and monday 29th august for the end.
All sessions are recorded and accessible few hours after the session
You can stream or download them in audios and videos
Please consult the time converter for your local time:

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