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    Heal your life from the most subtle level.

    Our teachers Yuan and Dong come from the Xi’an Center in China to Mexico.

    Yuan Ming                Dong Xinjian

    The retreat will be in English with Spanish translation by the teachers Citlalli and Laura.

     Citlalli Álvarez              Laura Salinas

    The healing retreat is designed for all people with or without previous experience in zhìnéng qìgōng.

    Dates: September 26th to 29th 2024.

    Schedule: we start on September 26th at 8:00 am and

    we finish on September 29th at 15:00 hrs.

    Place: Rancho el rinconcito, Santiago Acutzilapan, Mexico State

    (2 hours from Mexico City).

    Cost: $10,000 Mexican pesos.

    20% discount when you reserve your place before June 30th.

    Cost = $8,000 pesos.


    Four days of instruction and healing with teachers Dong and Yuan from the Xi’an Center in China. More information about teachers at the end of the document.

    Spanish translation by zhìnéng qìgōng teachers Citlalli Álvarez and Laura Salinas. More information about the teachers at the end of the document.

    Shared accommodation with 2 or 4 people.

    There are a couple of family cabins at extra cost.

    Three foods: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday breakfast.

    The menu will be the same for all participants.

    NOT included:

    Transportation to the retreat site. Tip for kitchen staff.

    Space is limited.

    The first to register will receive a double room, the last to register will receive a quadruple room.

      As always, there are payment facilities:

    To reserve a place, make a deposit of $1,500 pesos in June.

    Second deposit of $2,200 pesos on July 15th

    Third deposit of $2,200 pesos on August 15th

    Fourth deposit of $2,100 pesos on September 15th

    Registration procedure:

    1. Please contact Citlalli or Laura to confirm that there is a place.

    Citlalli 55 60 86 15 21

    Laura 55 91 95 70 41

    2. Make your payment:


    Please write withdrawal and your full name in the payment item.


    Name: Citlalli Valentina Álvarez Saulés

    Interbank Clabe: 012 180 0284 623 52121

    Account Number: 284 623 5212

    Debit Card: 4152 3141 8779 5144

    Once the payment has been made, please send the receipt to WhatsApp 55 60 86 15 21 or to the email yesca1967@yahoo.com



    Please write withdrawal and your full name in the payment item.

    Bank: BANAMEX

    Name: Laura Salinas Montes

    CLABE: 002180701219441282

    CARD NO.


    Once the payment has been made, please send the receipt to WhatsApp 5591957041 or email: laura.salinas@sanaconsciencia.com


    3. Fill out the registration form: https://forms.gle/2E9s8WD44GjAYwUFA

    There are no refunds for any reason once the deposit has been made.

    What to bring?

    A notebook and pen to take notes.

    Comfortable clothes for practice.

    Sweater or jacket (in the mornings and afternoons the forest is cool).

    Tenis shoes and sandals.

    Umbrella (it´s likely to rain).

    Pajamas (remember that you will be sharing a room).


    Toothbrush and toothpaste.


    Shampoo and conditioner.

    Medicines (if needed).

    Repellent if deemed necessary.

    Sunscreen or hat.

    Bring a bathing suit and cap in case you want to use the pool (the water may be cold).

    If you play a musical instrument, please bring it so you can delight us with your music.

    A steel spoon.

    Teacher Yuan Ming.

    Graduated from the two-year teacher training course in Huaxia center of Qinhuangdao City in 1999. He has been teaching Qigong and engaged in scientific research since then and up to now.

    A Senior teacher of Xi’an zhìnéng science research center, which is the research base of Qigong Scientific Research Institute of Jiangxi University of TCM.

    Member of Chinese Medical Qigong Association.

    Intermediate Coach of China Fitness Qigong.

    Member of Qigong Education Committee of Chinese Medical Qigong Association.

    Senior Chinese Physical Acupuncturist.

    Director of International Cultural Exchange Department of Xi’an Zhìnéng Science Research Center.

    Teacher Dong Xinjian.

    Master Dong Xinjian was born in 1971.

    In 1993, he attended the two-year training for qigong zhìnéng teachers at the Hua Xia Training Center, and then worked at the Hua Xia Healing Center.

    In 2004, he began studying natural vision and successfully developed the vision training method known as shuzi mingmu, based on zhìnéng science.

    Since 2012, he has taught zhìnéng qigong and shuzi mingmu in many countries.

    In 2021, he joined the Xi’an Center.


    His research has focused on natural vision and he has successfully developed the vision training method known as “ShuZi MingMu”, based on zhìnéng science.

    He has been teaching this method for almost 20 years, with fast and excellent results in the visual health of professionals, helping them to avoid surgeries and increasing their quality of life; He has taught ShuZi MingMu in many countries and practitioners are from all over the world, such as China, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, and Spain, among others.

    Teacher Citlalli Álvarez.

    She got her Bachelor´s degree in Biology from the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico City, and her Master´s degree in Science from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    In 2011 she started to practice zhìnéng qìgōng, and in 2015 she became a certified instructor from the Beijing Wisdom Healing Center in China.

    Since then, she has dedicated herself to teaching children, teenagers, and adults, and at the same time, she has been doing scientific research projects with zhìnéng qìgōng.

    With the onset of the pandemic, she has given online workshops for students from various countries and has also worked together with several Chinese teachers translating their workshops.

    With the help of several people, she has completed 10 zhìnéng qìgōng scientific research projects, 6 of them already have been published in international journals.

    She has 10 years of experience in science communication and has published 21 science communication articles in several magazines.

    Teacher Laura Salinas.

    Born in 1981, she met Qi Gong in her adolescence and later in her training as a graduate in Medical Acupuncture and Integral Rehabilitation, in 2011 she did her social service in Research guiding the experimentation of a protocol to measure the effect of meditation on academic stress levels, energy channels and brain.

    In 2019 she has his first contact with zhìnéng qìgōng, becoming certified with the Xian Center in levels 1, 2, 3, healing and experimentation with which in the training of one year, asthma disappears in his body. In 2021 she took a year’s training in Mingjué and began to do healing programs for the consultants at the clinic, collecting studies on the physical improvements obtained. In 2023 she goes to China experiencing two healing retreats of 21 days each, obtaining the disappearance of nodules in her chest. She is currently in China on a 4-month zhìnéng qìgōng retreat to deepen her practice, also participating in Spanish translation and taking Spanish-speaking groups to the 21-day retreats held by the Xian Lintong Zhineng Center for Scientific Research.


    Citlalli Álvarez


    55 60 86 15 21

    Laura Salinas


    55 91 95 70 41

    Welcome to an experience that will change your life!

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